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Online High School

SA's first truly virtual online high school

Futures Academy is an independent online high school offering flexible learning solutions for grades 10-12. The Academy is registered with the Western Cape Education Department.



Carefully developed learning materials and video explanations made available on our learning management system.



Students prepare for live seminars by watching recorded lectures and/or completing various non-lecture assignments as preparatory activities. This enables students to use discussion seminars to deepen their understanding of the course materials.



The latest videoconferencing technology allows students to interactively engage with expert teachers and classmates. Students can raise their hand, chat, and present in the virtual class. Every class is also recorded for review.



Teachers conduct regular live seminars to allow learners to engage in deeper analysis and understanding of the content. Teaching Assistants conduct regular revision sessions to assist learners with exam preparation.

Important dates for 2019

30 June 2019

Early bird registration closes for Amended Senior Certificate

Take advantage of premium discounts offered to all early bird registrations.

1 October 2019

Online course content opens for SC(a) programs

Full access to all Amended Senior Certificate Subjects opens for the May/June 2020 exams.

23 October 2019

National Senior Certificate Exams

NSC examinations begin.

NSC Subjects offered in 2020 (with SBA)

Grade 10 - Core Subjects Grade 11 - Core Subjects Grade 12 - Core Subjects
English Home LanguageEnglish Home LanguageEnglish Home Language
Afrikaans First Additional LanguageAfrikaans First Additional LanguageAfrikaans First Additional Language
Life OrientationLife OrientationLife Orientation
Mathematics or Mathematical LiteracyMathematics or Mathematical LiteracyMathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Grade 10 - ElectivesGrade 11 - ElectivesGrade 12 - Electives
Arabic Second Additional LanguageArabic Second Additional LanguageArabic Second Additional Language
Business StudiesBusiness StudiesBusiness Studies
Computer Applications TechnologyComputer Applications TechnologyComputer Applications Technology
Life SciencesLife SciencesLife Sciences
Physical SciencesPhysical SciencesPhysical Sciences
Religion StudiesReligion StudiesReligion Studies

Subjects offered for the 2020 SC(a) Exams

Grade 12 - Core SubjectsGrade 12 - Electives
English Home LanguageBusiness Studies
Afrikaans First Additional LanguageHistory
Mathematics or Mathematical LiteracyLife Sciences
Physical Sciences
Religion Studies

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